Younger Folk

These classes are geared to younger kids (ages 3-6) who are looking for introductory classes. Our ratios are small and all classes include lessons in turn-taking, team building and other social skills.

If you are new to Whole Children, please call 413-585-8010 to sign up for a meet and greet with our teachers and social skills therapist before classes start. If online registration is not available for Younger Folk classes, please call to register.

Parents are required to stay at the Inclusive Community Center while their children are participating in class unless arrangements have been made with the program supervisor.

Winter Registration is Open!
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New Class Available!

Baby Movement & Wellness
A class for babies ages 0-8 months and their parents, with Lenore Grubinger, RSMT, of Amajoy Developmental Center.

This class is for you and your baby whether your baby is developing typically, is stressed, or has special needs. You will learn ways to support your baby’s body
and brain, and find answers to questions like: How can I help my baby learn to move naturally? How and when do rolling, sitting, and crawling happen? What
can I do if my baby has painful gas, reflux, colic, or frequent vomiting? Why is tummy time important and what can I do if my baby doesn’t like it?


Register at 413-585-8010.